Browne Martin Championship: deadline for entries

The closing date for entries into this year’s Browne Martin Home Counties championship is approaching fast: December 4th 2021. So if you are intending to put a team (or teams) forward, then best get on with it.

Entry form can be downloaded here.

The ‘Browne-Martin’ is a short range small-bore prone rifle championship for teams of 5 from the UK’s home counties. In 1906 Mr J. Browne-Martin, President of the R.Bell & Co. Rifle Club presented the impressive Browne-Martin Challenge Cup for competition between London Rifle Clubs affiliated to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs (SMRC).

From 1907 the trophy was attached to a rifle League, subsequently passing to the SMRC and from 1913 being run as a team knock out. The original conditions were “Open to teams of eight competitors from any affiliated club in the London District within 15 miles of the General Post Office, London. Clubs can enter any number of teams.” One hundred years on, the Home Counties Co-ordinating Committee (HCCC) reinstated the match in 2007, making it open to teams of 5 from all clubs within the Home Counties.   The first stage is a 20 shot short range postal competition held during November and December, with the shoulder to shoulder 8 team three stage knockout finals being shot indoors at the Malcolm Cooper range at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley during March. Each knockout round is 20 shots and the eventual winners are presented with the Cup and enamelled silver medals, the runners up receive enamelled bronze medals.  

Reserves are allowed for members who are unable to attend except where two teams were entered in the competition by a club, members of one team cannot shoot as a reserve in the other team. 

2021 Surrey Air Gun Meeting and annual dinner cancelled

Surrey County Small Bore Rifle Association regrets to announce that both its annual Bisley Air Gun Meeting and annual dinner will be cancelled again this year as a result of surging Covid infection and death rates. The Government has not yet imposed additional control...

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