Surrey trio shoot for GB in the Dewar International Postal Match 2012

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Three Surrey small bore rifle shooters, Simon Aldhouse, Bill Brown and Lina Jones, made it through the 80 shot ‘double Dewar’ national selection at Appleton Rifle Club, Warrington, Cheshire on 16 June to shoot for Great Britain the same afternoon in the annual Dewar “International Post Trophy Match”.

Named after Baron Dewar of Homestall and the 2 foot tall silver cup he presented, the competition has been running since 1909, with U.S.A., Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa eligible to compete, now in teams of 20 over what has become known as the Dewar Course; 20 shots at 100 yards and 20 shots at 50 yards on the UK’s National Small Bore Rifle Association 1989 series targets. (For the purists, a 50 metre rather than yard element makes it a ‘modified Dewar’ course).

In all, six Surrey shooters – including Tim Hammond, Austin Wilshire and Peter Jones - made it through to the final 53 for the Appleton trial, having either qualified in the top 40 leading shooters in classes X and A at Bisley 2011 or through the postal trial held in spring 2012.

Simon Aldhouse was the top shooter in the 2012 match, achieving an impressive 395 (ex 400), despite blustery conditions in the usually tranquil quarry setting. Bill Brown was 5th with 393 and Lina Jones, shooting her first ever, full GB match, was 13th with 390. First timers, including Lina, were presented with NSRA GB team Dewar Match medals.

All entrant countries have to shoot their cards by 31st October, but our main rivals, the USA, shoot their stage at their championships at Camp Perry in late July, so watch this space…. (Some pictures and a report of the US 2011 shoot can be found here),

The UK’s chosen location, Appleton R.C., is an impressive range, in a secluded setting in a hand cut, 18th century quarry. It is obviously well looked after and is equipped, among other things, with unique electronic scoreboards. The main 100 yard and 50 yard/metre ranges have about 26 firing points each and the facility also boasts an extra indoor/outdoor 50m range, for prone and 3P ISSF courses of fire, using custom Gehmann-style target changers.

An interesting history of the Dewar International Postal Match, written from a US perspective by Hap Rocketto, can be found here

Here’s the 2012 team list, but we’re not letting on about the final score until the USA have shot theirs! Fingers crossed we can win this impressive trophy once again.

More pictures of the trip can be found here