Centenary AGM – 26th March 2013

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Thank you to all who represented their Clubs at the Centenary AGM. We enjoyed drinks and snacks before and after the meeting, giving us the opportunity to catch up with friends and discuss the activities planned for the part of the year still ahead. Those present will have seen the excellent new Centenary Banner which will be on display at all Open Meeting organised by the County this year.

The meeting ratified a newly drawn up Code of Conduct for the Association which has been incorporated into the Byelaws. The code details procedures to be followed if a complaint or grievance is lodged or where there is a breach of the code that may lead to disciplinary action. Clubs are reminded to review their Constitutions and/or Byelaws to ensure they are up to date, with particular regard to disciplinary matters. The NSRA has published specimen documents on its website which Clubs may find helpful.

If you were not able to attend the AGM, the following documents are now available:

  1. Updated Byelaws

  2. Reports of Officers and Disciplines Captain

  3. Audited Accounts for year ended 31st December 2012


Gill Goodfellow

Hon. Secretary