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The 37th Surrey County Air Gun Meeting, held at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley on the weekend of 26 and 27 November 2011, proved to be as popular as ever, with 138 competitors making 280 entries. Yet again the event was over subscribed, with the available range space being fully booked.

Line up on the Air Rifle Competition

Paul LeatherdaleThe event covered a wide range of disciplines, ages and abilities, incorporating ISSF (international Shooting Sport Federation) 60 shot 10m air rifle and pistol and women’s 40 shot ISSF rifle and pistol qualifying (all followed by high pressure Olympic format 10 shot finals), the Surrey 60 shot air rifle and pistol opens, concurrent NSRA rules air rifle and pistol in classes A, B & C, paralympic style NSRA ISCD (International Shooting Committee for Disabled) SH1/2 category 60 shot air rifle and pistol competitions, 10m standard air pistol ISSF 40 shot men and 30 shot women, rapid fire 60 shot air pistol (25m scale targets), falling plates 40 shot (men) and 30 shot (women) air pistol and 50m Long Arm .22 cartridge Free Pistol.


Congratulations to Paul Leatherdale and Ken Parr, who won the Surrey confined Surrey air pistol and rifle championships respectively. All the results can be found here.



Equipment Control

The event was a designated meeting for national team consideration scores and English Small-bore Shooting Union (ESSU) nominated meeting and attracted shooters looking for scores for qualification for international matches. Nick Baxter was successful with an England air pistol qualifying score of 581. The ISSF rules were rigorously enforced, with many of the officials being involved in international competitions and even the forthcoming London Olympics. This meant that pistols and rifles, jackets, gloves, trousers and other equipment and clothing were all tested for the ISSF competitions to international standards, the details of which are summarised below.

In the Olympic final of the men’s ISSF 10m rifle competition, England, Croydon R.C. and Surrey’s Ken Parr extended his 7 point lead, having qualified with 592, to beat Wales and Surbiton shooter Mike Bamsey by 8.1 points, with England and Essex shooter Jonathan Huckle taking third place.

Coral KennerleyThe Corish sisters entered the Women’s ISSF rifle final with qualifying scores of 391 apiece. Wales and Cambs Jenny triumphed with 102.1 against Wales and Surrey sister Sian’s 100.7, with the win coming down to the final shot of the 10 shot Olympic the final. England and Middlesex’s Sherree Cox shot well with a 102.1 final to come up from 5th to take 3rd place.

The men’s ISSF 10m Pistol final was won by Surrey based former Olympian Paul Leatherdale with an overall score of 660.7, 6.1 points ahead of England’s Kristian Callaghan who was, in turn, 1.6 points ahead of Tony Carter. Due to the distance a number of competitors had to travel home on a Sunday evening, only 3 men contested the final.



Electronic Scoring on all firing points

Anna Rehfisch started the women’s pistol final with an impressive 380 points and a one point advantage over Coral Kennerley but Coral’s outstanding 100.3 final took her to 1st place, Anna having to be content with 2nd. Tara Laine, from Guernsey, came from 6th to 3rd with a final score of 99.7. All the women shot better scores in the final than the men. In the 60 shot qualifying air pistol match, England’s many times Commonwealth Games champion, Michael Gault, scored 575, while in the juniors, L Sykes won the womens air rifle with 391, D Rivers won the men’s with 587, Anna Rehfisch took the womens air pistol with her 380 and K Callaghan won the men’s air pistol with 564.

The competitions are many and various and the above summarises some of the winning scores, but full details, including the team pairs and juniors competitions can be found on the website.

The ISSF 60 shot competitions took place in the Lords Roberts Centre Sius Ascor electronic target equipped upstairs range, while the Long Arm Free Pistol and other pistol events were held on the downstairs Malcolm Cooper range, also using the Sius Ascor electronic targets at 50 metres where appropriate.

The two youngest shooters to take part were Surrey’s Gemma Elliot and Billy Read, both from the Bisley based Centurion Club. The 13 year old girls both shot a full 60 shot rifle course on each day.

For those interested in the current requirements for ISSF equipment control certification, the main points are that the jacket thickness must not exceed 2.5 mm and the stiffness measurement using a special machine must not result is less than 3 mm deflection. Jacket overlap is limited and the button pressure when closed (with arms held straight down) is measured with a special gauge. Underclothing must not be more than 2.5mm thick and glove thickness must not exceed 12mm. A cure for insomnia can be found here: (see section 7.4).

Last but not least, thanks are due to Joy Millar and the (too numerous to mention) range, equipment control and stats officers that made the event such a success.

More photos can be found here.