Bookham booked for Surrey Astor shoot at Bisley

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Updated: 20th February 2020
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Updated: 20th February 2020

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Bookham has won the qualification round to represent Surrey in the Astor Cup competition at Bisley on Saturday 22 August at 10.15 am. Congratulations to Lina Jones for her possible 200 in the 50m stage.
The Astor Cup final is on the last Saturday of the NSRA National Prone Rifle meeting at Bisley Camp. The final of the Lord Roberts British Championship will also be shot soon afterwards, at about 1 pm on the same day; featuring the top 20 shooters (plus 10 from classes B, C & D in the ‘Bobs’) from two open qualification rounds of several hundred hopefuls. If you’ve not been to Bisley before or fancy a day out, why not bring a scope and support the shooters?
Also, if you’re a member of a short (or long) range club and want to have a crack at representing the County as a club, why not enter the qualification round next summer? You can visit a long range club and shoot the cards and they don’t have to be shot in the same day, so it is more convenient for clubs to enter. If you’re interested, please contact your club secretary or rifle captain and ask them to make contact.