Astor Trophy County Result 2016

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Astor Trophy

A team of six from Bookham Rifle Club will be representing Surrey County in the Astor Championship finals, to be shot on the penultimate day of the National Meeting in August. The Bookham team qualified to represent the county by winning an elimination stage.
Members and supporters of the Surrey Small-bore Rifle Association are encouraged to attend the finals, to be shot (subject to confirmation) at 10.45am on Sunday 21st August at Bisley.
Course of fire:     20 shots at 50y or 50m plus 20shots at 100y  (Dewar course).  
Entries are made on the Summer entry form to the County Sec.
Any Surrey-based club may enter a team of 6 shooters for the qualifying round.   
Team members do not have to be all Surrey residents.
The leading team represents the Surrey Clubs at Bisley against the other Counties Club teams.
There is a Surrey Trophy (Astor Tankard), your first medal and subsequent datebars awarded at the Surrey dinner for our leading team.
There is no reason why a Short Range club may not enter, but they would need to shoot their cards at a Long-range Club.    Eg:  32/61st Surrey Home Guard do their cards at Addiscombe Rifle Club each year.

Come on, you 25 yard clubs - let’s have some more entries next summer – spice up the competition…..and enjoy a visit to a long-range club?.

32/61st Surrey Home Guard RC is a 25y club only, but they ‘visit’ a long-range club to shoot this event which contributes towards their Club Long-range Championship.