Mike Babb Coaching Session 15 & 16 October

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I'm pleased to be able to confirm that Mike Babb is on for coaching on the weekend 15 & 16 October 2011 and that we have 50m range space booked for Saturday at Bookham RC, Leatherhead (10 am  - 6 pm). We expect to be able to confirm the Sunday range shortly. The ranges will be weather protected (i.e. not open fronted), and we will have target lights to ensure that the afternoon isn't curtailed.

We now need to pin down who is definitely coming and which day you/they prefer or are available by 30 September, so that we can make plans.

The format is that each person will have a 1 to 1 session with Mike and his Noptel for about 45 minutes (including change-overs) and while there will be opportunity to shoot while other sessions are going on, from experience most people seem to spend most, if not all of the time, watching and learning.

We can try to accommodate preferences for Saturday or Sunday,  a.m. or p.m., within reason, but please try to be flexible if you can, so that we can accommodate those who genuinely need to be.

The cost is £30 per head, which we will be happy to receive in cash or cheque on the day, although we do need commitment, so confirmation via email from each participant is necessary and I trust you will understand that subsequent cancellations will still incur the cost in all but exceptional circumstances.

So, please email confirmation (or ask those who have expressed interest through you) with the following details, as soon as possible and in any event, by 30 September 2011:

Full name:
Email address:
Mobile no:
Sat 15 /  Sun 16 / either:
a.m. / p.m. / any:

(Please state if there is a day or time that you definitely cannot do)

Small print: While we will do what we reasonably can to provide suitable arrangements for this coaching, participants do so at their own risk and Surrey County Small-bore Rifle Association, its officers and committee, Mike Babb and the host clubs do not accept liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused as a result of attendance or participation. All participants are required to carry their own insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Jones