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Special photo and news request

The Association is nothing without all the clubs, members, volunteers and teams and their participation in the various events and competitions. With that in mind, we would like to compile news and pictures of rifle and pistol shooting around the County during 2013. You're welcome to submit any news or pictures of club or county events  and we'll try to publish news where appropriate and compile a collage or album of photos towards the end of the year. Please do send what you can when you can (phone and individual, club, range and team photos are welcome), so that we can capture 2013 for posterity.

Psst.. pass it on

Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested or print it off for club notice boards, along with the 50m competition poster and entry forms. Anyone registering on the County website at www.surreysbra.org will receive news and other emails automatically, unless they unsubscribe. Full registration instructions can be found on the front page of the website.

Key dates for 2013

19 May - Marks and Invicta Shields home counties 25, 50 & 100 yard competition, Worplesdon
19 May - Ken Pullman's ashes laid to rest at Worplesdon range (1 pm)
29 June – 5 July – NSRA Scottish Rifle Meeting, Lauder
30 June - Surrey 50m rifle and pistol (60 shot and 3P) competition, Bisley
10 - 18 August - NSRA National Rifle Meeting, Bisley 
7 - 8 September - Surrey prone rifle open, Worplesdon
19 October - Surrey LSR open
23 - 24 November - Surrey Air Gun Meeting, Bisley

30 November - Prize Giving and Dinner, Army TSC, Bisley


Short Range Championship 2013

Congratulations to James O'Connell for winning the Surrey County Short Range prone rifle smallbore championship, to Mandy Jordan-Cooke for winning the Ladies championship and to Sebastian Fomin for winning the junior championship.  There's an article and pictures here.

County Ladies national record

The County ladies achieved a national record in 2012 of 981 (ex 1000) in the Women's Short Range Rifle Competition, now confirmed with a certificate by NSRA (there's a pic of the trophy here). Well done to Mandy Jordan-Cooke, Lina Jones, Hannah Pugsley, Mary Pearse and Laura Colley. However, be warned that there's a chance this year's ladies team has already surpassed this score, but we await confirmation...

English Champions 2013

Congratulations also to the new English champions Kenny Parr (CRoydon RC) in mens air and prone rifle and Lina Jones (Bookham RC) in womens prone rifle and to all the other Surrey shooters who put in impressive performances at the ESSU championships recently. There's a short article and pictures here.

Lord Mancroft Trophy and Hawkins Cup

The junior competitions for the Lord Mancroft Trophy and Hawkins Cup have been won by the Royal Grammar School, Guildford and L Figi of Farncombe & Godalming respectively. Well done for some impressive scores. The trophies, certificates and glassware will be presented at the County prize-giving in November. The results are here.


50m centenary shoot, 30 June, Malcolm Cooper Range, Bisley

The full diary of centenary events includes a special 50m rifle and cartridge pistol shoot (60 shots and 3P) on the electronic targets at Bisley on 30 June. This is being organised in classes and with a juniors competition and to NSRA equipment rules (rather than the more stringent ISSF rules normally applied), so if anyone would like to come and have a go, please download the entry forms here. To spread the word, please do forward this email to club members and shooting friends. There's also an A4 poster to download and print for notice boards here. All entrants will receive a centenary certificate and class winners and the overall winner will be presented with commemorative glassware at the county dinner on 30 November 2013.

Marks and Invicta Shields, 19 May, Worplesdon

Another notable event is happening on 19 May, when a County team of 20 and a women's team of 5 will compete for the Marks and Invicta Shields respectively. These 25, 50 and 100 yard 'through the ranges' competitions revolve round the home counties year by year and it's Surrey's turn in its centenary year. We're the current holders, so will be competing to retain both trophies. Good luck to all involved.

Ken Pullman

On a closely related note, you may well already be aware from the website news that Ken Pullman, long standing owner and heart and soul of the Worplesdon club, sadly died earlier this year, just 2 years after donating the 7 acre range to the club. Geoff Doe has written an obituary here and Ken's ashes will be laid to rest in a short ceremony at 1 pm on 19 May on the range at Worplesdon during a break in the Marks Shield competition; so please do come along if you would like to pay your respects.

Leslie Williams

The 200 yard shoot on the Short Siberia range, Bisley was held on Sunday 12 May. A match report and results will be published shortly, but in the meantime, thanks and congratulations to Peter Locke (Lingfield and Dormansland RC) for running a successful and enjoyable meeting at his first attempt. Sincere thanks also go to David Brigden (32nd/61st Home Guard RC) for having kept the Leslie WIlliams competition running like clockwork for some 20 years.

AGM and Byelaws

The centenary AGM was held at the Surrey clubhouse at Bisley on 26 March. Gill Goodfellow, County Secretary, has put together a short report here. The meeting ratified a new Code of Conduct (included in the bye laws on the website here following the constitution), which will apply to all County related activities and competitions. Dick and Ron Fillery kindly took a 'team photo' for the record, a modern colour version of which can be found here.

Browne Martin

Bookham R.C. won the home counties short range championship for the Browne-Martin London League Trophy at the Malcolm Cooper Range, Bisley on 10 March. An article, pictures and scores can be found here.

EU questionnaire

I appreciate that questionnaires or getting involved in the politics of shooting can be a turn off, but we have been informed about an official EU questionnaire about 'A common approach to reducing the harm caused by criminal use of firearms in the EU'. As there is no doubt that anti-shooting organisations will encourage their supporters to complete the questionnaire, it would be helpful if Surrey shooters could help to redress the balance. The Muzzle Loaders have produced some guidance on completing the questionnaire here , so please do participate if you feel able.

ISSF World Cups

The ISSF rifle and pistol world cup series kicked off under new rules, with the first competition in Changwon, South Korea in early April and next in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA, in May. The results, using the new decimal scoring system and final formats can be found here: .
That's quite enough for now, but we'll aim to send updates and news as the year unfolds and let you know when the open entry forms become available.
Happy shooting in 2013!
All the best
Peter Jones
Surrey County Small Bore Rifle Association