COVID-19 and small bore shooting in Surrey / Urgent notice about AGM

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In view of recent guidance about non-essential interaction with others and understandable concern about attending competitions and clubs, Surrey County Small Bore Rifle Association has taken what we believe to be the responsible and necessary step of suspending all competition until further notice.

This means that summer leagues will be suspended and the Surrey LSR Open, scheduled for Saturday 04 April and short range final on 5th April will also not now go ahead, either shoulder to shoulder or postally. This suspension will be kept under review, but at this stage we assume that normal arrangements will not be possible until September at the earliest. If circumstances change we will let you know. We will keep the county Prone Rifle and Benchrest Open in the diary for September 5th and 6th in anticipation of relaxed quarantine arrangements by then; but we can only hope.  As I write this, Bisley is still open and there may be a way the Leslie Williams can still go ahead on May 10th, we will update after further discussion with the organiser.

Competition entries already paid for will be credited against future competitions and we trust that this will be acceptable in view of the extenuating circumstances and the complexity of making refunds.


The Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 24th March will not now be held in person, but as there is no complex business to address, we will try to hold it via email, so that we can be assured that we will be quorate and receive the necessary voting to conclude the business of the Association for 2019. We will be in touch about that shortly, but don’t come to Bisley next week for the AGM. We will circulate further reports when we are able.

I am sure this will not come as a surprise and we appreciate that some shooting may be possible for some individuals and at some clubs despite the general quarantine arrangements, but competition will be compromised and many will be excluded, so it seems only fair to pause.