David Sprigg 1957 - 2021

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Updated: 1st August 2021
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Updated: 1st August 2021

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David original joined Bookham Rifle Club when he was 9 years old, being sent to boarding school his love of shooting continued when he found the armoury contained Bren guns and Sterling sub-machine guns. In 2009 re-joined Bookham and quickly immersed himself in the club and became the Air Captain encouraging everyone to enter County and National competitions and then in 2019 to his delight became the Club LSR Captain as LSR shooting was his passion. He also became the Surrey County LSR Captain. He was always on hand to help anyone and give advice.

Jeanette remembers "One Sunday morning when he was coaching in the air range he was going through the Stop, Stop, Stop with the probationers and when he did it it was so loud that all the other ranges stopped and people were coming in from them to find out what the problem was and asking
whether they could continue. Tim was in the clubhouse at the time and told David off for being too loud!

After the 2013 floods when Bookham RC was under 2ft of water it felt it was time to rebuild the clubhouse, have an indoor air range and new 25 covered firing point. David took on the mantle of organising the build, from fund raising, planning, and obtaining various grants. We certainly wouldn’t have the fantastic facilities we have now without him

Sharing the frustrations of getting and more importantly keeping youngsters in the sport with his co-founder in 2016 they launched Target Shooting School introducing youngsters into the sport. The School is going from strength to strength operating in 13 different locations and Schools across Surrey and Kent.

In the last couple of years David took up Gallery Rifle and joined South East Essex Pistol & Rifle Club, and was determined to get into X Class and to shoot for GB. He was teased for the number of action pictures of him that appeared on the NRA feed at competitions.

As well as a member of Bookham Rifle Club he was also a member of Surbiton Postal Rifle Club, South East Essex Pistol & Rifle Club and the Secretary of Addiscombe Rifle Club.

David was a larger than life character always there to support and help anyone who needed it, and encouraging them no matter what their ability was to get an average and to enter competitions, whether they were Club, County or National ones. He was the force behind the new clubhouse and air range, and without him we would not have the facilities that we all enjoy. He will be deeply missed by everybody .

The funeral will be held on Thursday 5th August 2021, 1:15pm - 2:15pm, Randalls Park Crematorium, Randalls Rd, Leatherhead KT22 0AG

Full details including how to watch online:  https://lodge.afuneralnotice.com/n/895e485e