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Updated: 20th February 2020

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We have received the following email from Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association.  You might of seen previous articles in The Rifleman.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. This could help you, your Club or County Association.
Approx 25 years ago the Charity Commission took charitable status away from able bodied Target Shooting Clubs and Associations. Only some with Defence of the Realm were allowed to stay as a charity.
Many of you might know that Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association are trying to build an indoor 50mtr range alongside their outdoor range. This facility will provide a training centre for those who wish to use it but it will also allow the disabled and able bodied shooters to be inclusive. The area is desperate for an indoor facility, so more clubs can be formed for both rimfire and air. Not only could there be more competitions held but also batch testing of ammo. It would also provide a venue for local Scouts and Cadets.
Time is running out, planning consent runs out in Sept, the £220k granted by funders on the verge of being lost, all because the Council have set a charge of £85k for the Community Infrastructure Levy. We have to raise this before we can start the project unless we gain charity status.
Charity status was applied for the end of Jan 2014 and in Feb 2015 we finally heard that after going all the way up to the board of the commission, that it was a no but we could go to the appeal tribunal.
This puzzled the solicitors who have worked tirelessly on our behalf pro bono, as in the report the CC agree that shooting is of benefit to health but only for the elite or those who have been doing the sport for many years. The don't see it is of benefit to health for those starting in the sport. Surely until you learn or are taught a sport, you can't gain the benefit?
A QC has looked at all the papperwork and has found two issues of law, plus other issues concerning the application. With this she concludes there is a good case for going forward.
Unfortunately the solicitors can no longer provide the work needed by pro bono, so there are costs to be paid, these are estimated at £15k but could rise to £20k.
The CTSA need help with the costs, so we are launching an appeal to the shooting community and beyond, as this will not only help the CTSA if successful but all the shooting Clubs and Associations who might wish to become a charity.
Please help by donating what you can and by passing this email on to all your contacts. The NRSA have offered help and some support towards the costs. £2,575 has been raised so far from people seeing it on FB and websites, with this email the appeal goes live. How to donate is on the attachment, if you need the attachments in another format please let me know.
We thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.
Best wishes
CTSA sec