Surrey's Kenny Parr wins major international

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Surrey rifle shooter Kenny Parr achieved a historic victory in Germany on Saturday 21 March 2015, winning the men’s prone final at the ISAS Dortmund international match - against some of the world's best, including the world record holder. Parr was representing Great Britain.


The match was shot at the Westfalischer Schuetzenbund's luxurious indoor 50 metre range and Parr qualified with a world class 627.5 in the 60 shot match. He scored the equivalent of 599 under old rules, with a 9.9 standing between him and that elusive 600.

Top honours in qualification went to Odd Arne Brekke from Norway, with 629.2, but Parr shone in the final, after the scores were levelled. Parr was sitting first at the half way stage; just 0.7 clear of the field. With only two shots remaining, Parr had pulled a point clear, but had to compensate for an uncharaceristic 9.7 on the penultimate shot, shooting a 10.4 to win by 0.1 of a point with 210 (an average of 10.5 in the final). Norwegian Stian Bogar (ranked 31 in the world) was second, with 209.9 and Austrian Thomas Mathis (ranked 17th in the world) was third.
Congratulations Kenny!
Lina Jones was also competing, for England in the Women’s prone match, and scored a creditable 619.8, leading to a position of 16th from a field of 66.

The scores, including individual sheets for each competior can be found here