Leslie Williams Match Report 2013

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The annual Leslie Williams prone small bore rifle meeting took place on the Short Siberia range at Bisley Camp on 12 May 2013, giving Surrey shooters a rare opportunity to shoot at 200 yards. The morning shoot was on imperial targets with a top score of 5 (with a “V” bull) and in the afternoon metric targets were used. (final scores are here)

Although the day began with bright sunshine, a cold and blustery wind made conditions very tricky.

Very well done to Addlestone RC, who coped best with the tricky conditions in the morning to win the Leslie Williams team competition with a total score of 124.13.

Congratulations to Miss R. Furniss of Chobham & District RC on winning both the John Cooke Trophy (for the top individual score) and the ladies’ competition with a remarkable 48.4 and to Miss C. Rooker of Surbiton Postal, winning the juniors’ section with a very impressive 41.

The metric competition began after lunch under an increasingly threatening sky and still with the blustery wind. The rain held off for the first detail but by around 2.30 the first drops were apparent and from then on conditions slowly got worse.


Lingfield & Dormansland R.C. retained the team trophy again this year with a score of 262 and looked set to retain the individual as well, but congratulations have to go to the penultimate shooter of the day, J. Wilson of 32nd/61st Surrey Home Guard R&PC, who returned a record-equalling score of 96.

Competition for the ladies event was exceedingly close, both Lina Jones of Bookham and Abi Rayner of Lingfield & Dormansland returning scores of 86, however on countback the win went to Abi. The junior competition was won by Miss A. Gooch of Surbiton Postal R&PC with a score of 83.




My thanks go to all shooters for taking part, helping out when needed and making the day the success it was. Hopefully you all enjoyed the event and will return again next year.


Particular thanks to Dave Brigden for his assistance and advice for this first year that I have organised the event, Steve Howe of Lingfield & Dormansland for running the butts all day, Peter & Lina Jones for their support and providing the scoreboard and the new County communal shelter and Nikki Ellis for checking the returned scores, keeping the scoreboard updated throughout the day and running errands to the range office for me.

I look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Peter Locke