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The deadline for entries to the Surrey Long Range Prone Rifle Championship and Individual Postal Competition has been extended to Monday 23 APRIL 2012.
To ensure that all those who are interested have an opportunity to enter, please circulate this email to club members and shooting friends and if possible, put up the entry form at your Club (download HERE). Please post entries and fees to Paddy Hicks asap. If you are an individual shooter, please ask your club secretary to put in an entry for you or ask them to fill out the Club details and average certification and then send the completed form to Paddy with your entry fee.
The competition is only £3.00 per entry (£1.50 for Juniors) and is open to all members of Surrey affiliated clubs and individual Surrey Associate members. Competitors at all levels of experience are enccouraged to enter. 
The Individual Postal Competition is shot in classes in two rounds, each of 20 shots at 50m and 20 shots at 100 yds, with Surrey County residents (pre April 1965 boundary) automatically entered into the Championship.
Competitors must submit an ex 400 Dewar Course Average, in accordance with Surrey rule G5 (see handbook), on their entry form i.e. the best 10 from the last 12 Dewar scores going back over 2 seasons if necessary, or 4 x 10 bull 25 yard cards for each Dewar score (e.g. the best ex 400 average from the best of 40 from 48 cards) if Dewar scores are not available.
The final stage of the Championship will be shot shoulder to shoulder at the Bookham RC range on 23rd September 2012.
Peter Jones