Mike Babb puts Surrey Shooters Through Their Paces

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Surrey played host to Olympic prone rifle finalist and Commonwealth Gold medalist Mike Babb at a coaching weekend on 15 and 16 October 2011.

One-to-one sessions were held at Bookham and Addiscombe Rifle Clubs for 17 shooters ranging from ages 16 to 70 and with a variety of averages. Many of the participants also stayed for all or part of the day, to sit in on others’ sessions and to chat with Mike over lunch and during breaks about his experiences and to pick up tips on training and technique.

The format of the coaching was a 45 minute session per shooter, involving a string of 10 shots at a 50m target for Mike’s all-round assessment and specific analysis on a Noptel ST-2000 training system. Another 10 shots was then taken for implementation of Mike’s guidance and for further analysis. Coaching input was tailored for each shooter, including positional and set-up suggestions where appropriate and fine-tuning of target approach, breathing and rhythm, aim and hold, trigger technique and follow through.

Target score was ignored completely (as the focus was on shooting technique) and use of the Noptel provided insight into the microscopic detail of each shooter’s approach, including tracking the aiming point at 50 metres on a virtual target and a graphical read out of the build up to aim and then time and steadiness of hold on aim and through shot release.

The feedback from participants was universally positive; one summing up the experience as: “enlightening” and another explaining: “I particularly enjoyed Mike's manner in giving feedback - whether you were X or D, he was positive and explained clearly and simply. And the Noptel was there to show you he was right!”

It is intended that further sessions will be arranged indoors over the winter months 2011/2012, both in the format of these introductory sessions (starting at £30 per person) and with longer, more in-depth one-to-one coaching for those who feel that they want more time to dig deeper into the mysteries of their technique.

No dates or venues have yet been set, but if you are interested, please use the enquiry form to register your interest. In any event, if you want to receive Surrey small-bore news, information and updates via email, please register for password access on the website at www.surreysbra.org and your email address will be automatically added to the mailing list.


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