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Dear All
It’s been a little while since last writing, but it’s starting to look like spring is springing and there are various news items, updates and requests gathered that I hope will be of interest.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is going to be a bit later than normal this year and will be held on the evening of Tuesday 22nd May 2018, at the Surrey Rifle Association clubhouse at Bisley. Quite a few of those involved have commitments with the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in April. Please save the date and hopefully you’ll be able to make it. The formal notice will be sent later.
Gold Coast 2018
On the subject of Commonwealth Games, Surrey shooters Kenny Parr, Vicky Mullin and  Lina Jones have been selected to represent England at the Gold Coast 2018  in Brisbane. Congratulations and good shooting to them all in April. The official announcement is here:  . David Goodfellow, Jon Leech, Gail Rees and Peter Underhill are officiating in various capacities, so all the best to them too.
Target Shooting School recruitment
Target Shooting School is seeking part-time Instructors for its Schools in and around Surrey, teaching air rifle and air pistol to youngsters aged 10 to 18 on weekdays after school and at weekends.  The School operates during term time and youngsters learn in an organised and disciplined environment with a maximum of 6 students to each instructor (3 students shooting at one time).  TSS runs two hour sessions and remuneration is £15.00 per hour.  They are 'taking shooting back into Schools and Making Shooting Normal again!' Apply via the TSS website
SAMS Project recruitment (air rifle shooters and bridge players)
Psychologist Jean Coleman is running a research project that looks set to provide scientific proof that participation in shooting has clear health benefits. The research is nearly complete, but to finish it she needs 20 standing target air rifle shooters aged 18 or above who have not undertaken the 1/2 hour computer based memory test before. If you are an air rifle shooter interested in taking part in the world’s first research into shooting of this kind, please get in touch at Some of the background about the project can be found on the booking website used for previous sessions here; (follow “view details”)
Jean is also looking to recruit 20 regular, non-shooting bridge players for the same test, so if you know a group of bridge players who might be willing to give up an hour of their time to help, please email me.
South East Talent Network
The British Shooting Talent Network is a project being run to try to bring together all those interested in developing rifle and pistol shooting in the South East to work for common benefit, in terms of access to coaching and instruction and to develop ideas and facilities. There are some projects in development, and if you have not yet registered your interest in being contacted about all this, please go to the website and register as a supporter here:
Some dates for your diary
Leslie Williams, 200 yards .22 at Bisley - 13 May 2018
Marks / Invicta Shield, Home Counties Championship (teams of 12 & 4), Worplesdon - 20 May 2018
AGM, Surrey Rifle Association clubhouse - 22 May 2018
Surrey 50m Open, Lord Roberts Centre - 01 July 2018
Surrey Prone & Benchrest Open, Worplesdon - 8 & 9 September 2018
LSR Open, (October 2018 tbc)
Surrey Airgun meeting, Lord Roberts Centre - 24 & 25 November 2018
Surrey Dinner & Prize-giving, Bisley Camp -  01 December 2018
If you have any dates or news you would like displayed on the website, please let us know.
That’s all for now.

I wish you good shooting in 2018.

Guidance to Scorers

Recent events have shown that there is some misunderstanding of the Guidance on Scoring, as set out in the NSRA Handbook.  The full NSRA Rules can be viewed on their website under Home>Reference>Rules>Rules-and-Regulations but this article does not include the aforementioned Guidance notes.  I have therefore scanned in a copy which can be viewed as a .pdf file by clicking HERE.   Would scorers please note that there are changes in these 2005 amendments to procedures that were commonplace beforehand.   Take particular note of the paragraphs headed "Using Plug Gauges" and "Gauges", in particular the sentence that instructs that the position of the gauge flange must be viewed "at an angle, not directly above, as the latter can lead to distortion and inaccurate scoring".  Furthermore, for short range rifle competitions shot on proportional British Match targets, it is essential to use the correct OVERSIZE plug gauges for the appropriate distance.  If scorers are still using the 5.6mm (.22) plug gauges, please endeavour to obtain an oversize gauge so that we have uniformity of scoring throughout different divisions in the leagues.  I appreciate that this guidance might be at odds to what occurs in other competitions, but remember that we operate our leagues under the auspices of NSRA Rules, so their Handbook must be the law!.

Surrey Club Contacts

I am often receiving enquiries from individuals who wish to learn more about joining our sport and are looking for a Club to visit for more information.  May I ask that all Club Secretaries view the Clublist and check that all of the information displayed about your Club is correct.  When I re-vamped the website I lost my latest version and had to revert to a backup which, in some cases, might not show recent changes.  If you have a new club website, please send me the address and I will add a link.  Similarly, check that the email link is addressing the correct person by sending yourself a test message, (note the procedure shown in red).  If you do not receive your own message, please let me know so that I can amend the mail redirection. If the email address states 'via SCSBRA' please send me an email showing contact details of an individual in your Club who is willing to receive any such enquiries so that I can keep my records up to date and forward as appropriate.
It is in the interest of your own Clubs and our sport to assist enquirers who wish to find out more, or join us, and not be put-off by being unable to contact anyone locally.  It is also frustrating and time-consuming for me if I cannot easily direct these enquiries to the appropriate Club.
Although I have addressed this plea to Club Secretaries please pass this on to them, or the appropriate person in your club,  just in case they do not read it for themselves.

Post Office Reminder

 'Pricing in Proportion (size, thickness and weight) affects the cost of sending cards to scorers.  If you do not attach the correct postage when sending  your league cards, don't expect the scorer to make the trip to the sorting office and pay the penalty charge to retrieve them.  An 'NCR' is the likely result, which would be a waste of your, (or your team's), time effort and ammunition in shooting the cards in the first place!

Visit to obtain your free guide.
Royal Mail also suggest that you put senders address on envelopes otherwise they are destroyed if for any reason they are not delivered .