Surrey Sharpshooters win medals at Rotterdam ‘Olympic Match’

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A trip to the International Open at KSVR Rotterdam by Surrey rifle shooters resulted in gold for Lina Jones (589) in the Ladies 60 shot ‘Olympic Match’ and a Bookham R.C. repeat win for their 2010 team of L Jones, Mandy Jordan-Cooke (584) and Peter Jones (581) (1754 ex 1800). Croydon R.C. gained a close team silver with 1749, while Mandy Jordan-Cooke took silver in the ladies, as did Ken Parr Jr. (Croydon R.C.) in the mens (588), with last year’s winner, Austin Wilshire (Croydon R.C.), earning bronze with 586. There were silver and bronze medals for JHM Rennie (571) and Reg Wilson (564) in the veterans.

Lina Jones receives her gold medal at Rotterdam 'olympic' shoot.

14 firing pointsThe competition was held over two consecutive weekends on KSVR’s (Royal Sharpshooters Association Rotterdam) range, with most of the 9 visiting UK ‘sharpshooters’ participating on the last day, a breezy and damp 9 October. As is normal in European shooting, the mens’ and ladies’ scores were kept separate, with an exception for the team contest.

Range windowView out the range windowThe modern, purpose built ranges are located in the Sportpark, Rotterdam (see the aerial view: and are equipped with Spieth electronic targets and continuous baffling, making it impossible for a shot to escape. Prone shooting is from low tables in the 3P ready 14 point range.

The club gave their UK visitors a warm welcome  and the indoor firing points and perfectly lit targets made for a comfortable and enjoyable shoot. The entry fee was 10 Euros per person (10 Euros for teams) and decorative tiles, competitor and winners medals and complete score print outs were presented at a well attended medal ceremony in the impressive club room. The only frustration was not shooting in the 100m all indoor range, but maybe that's for next year.

Medal and tile given to each entrantThe trip made for a manageable and enjoyable long weekend, with an easily arranged (£39 return) DFDS Dover - Dunkirk ferry crossing, subject only to a minimum 24 hours’ notice for firearms transit. A European firearms pass was also required for the trip, for obvious reasons. The upside on the ferry crossing was a Code 100 designation (for some the only 100 of the weekend), meaning first-on, first-off treatment ahead of envious VIP travelers. Car keys had to be handed over to a crew member, but we were assured by helpful DFDS staff that it was the ferry captain’s prerogative to take custody of the firearms while on board.

The drive from Dunkirk to Rotterdam took under 3 hours and a number of the UK shooters opted for the relative luxury of the Novotel in the unusually named Brainpark university district, just 5-10 minutes drive from range. Staying there felt like shooting had a proper place in the sports community, as a number of national paralympic Sitting Volleyball (including GB) teams were in residence for their European championships.

Club houseOne of the unfamiliar aspects of the “OPEN - INTERNATIONALE Schietwedstrijd - 50m KKG bij KSVR te Rotterdam oktober 2011” competition was getting to grips with the online booking website, but there was an English language guide and we also managed to work out that inserting random numbers into the two licence number fields removed a barrier to completion. The firing point bookings were quickly acknowledged and confirmed by email.

Details about the Rotterdam KSVR club, including some more pictures (see ‘our complex’) and eventually the scores, will be found by typing "KSVR Rotterdam Range" into google and selecting the translated version of

For those who are interested in entering this competition next year, we are assured of another warm welcome and have had the dates confirmed as 07 and 13 / 14 October 2012. More details will be circulated to those registered on the website when they become available.