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Some may not be familiar with these competitions considering that they have remained somewhat dormant for the past couple of seasons, but  be aware that Trophies do exist and the guidelines for the competitions remain in the Competitions Handbook.  Basically, any affiliated club may challenge the holder(s) to a match on a shoulder-to-shoulder basis under conditions mutually agreed in advance, on either Club's range.  The object is to encourage 'live' competitions between Clubs within the County and there are no set rules for matches.  For example, the match may be on a 'name-your-own-start', 'highest score wins' or 'handicap' basis.  Any reasonable competition agreed mutually in advance between the Holders and the Challengers, so that there are no 'surprises' on the night, will be acceptable.   No entry fees are payable to the SCSBRA.

The Current Holders are:            

RIFLE: Chobham             

PISTOL: 32nd/61st Surrey Home Guard

LSR:  To be shot