2018 Surrey Centenary 50m rifle and pistol open

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We are proud to announce the 2018 Surrey Centenary 50m rifle and pistol open at the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley on Sunday 1st July.
The event features men’s and women’s 3x40 3P and 50m long arm pistol in the morning and prone rifle in the afternoon.
This is a ranking ESSU selection shoot but it is also a wonderful opportunity to come and shoot on the electronic targets in a friendly county competition. So if you haven’t had a go, or would like to come and see how you get on with a 3x40 or 60 shot match, just download the form and email it back.
This year, in keeping with ESSU and NSRA, we are combining men’s and women’s prone rifle into a mixed event, with the added excitement of an Olympic style final for the top 8 qualifiers.
All the details are on this form, so please fill it in and send it to the organiser Lina Jones to reserve your place in this popular event.