Surrey County Dinner 2011

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The 2011 season finished with a fitting get together and celebration of the achievements of county shooters at a dinner at the Army Target Rifle Club on Bisley on 26 November 2011; sharing the weekend with the Surrey Air Gun Championship across the camp at the Lord Roberts Centre.

Army Target Rifle Club

Austin Wiltshire (Croydon RC)The guests of honour were recently retired County Chairman John Menard and his wife Sheila. The event was well attended by nearly 70 shooters and partners, all dressed up to enjoy the occasion, at which John Menard presented the trophies (see here for pictures). A raffle for Help for Heroes also raised just over £200, thanks to the generosity of the assembled guests.

Austin Wilshire (Croydon RC) collected the VH Gilbert Trophy for winning the confined county championship and Col Mitchell Trophy for the open championship at Worplesdon in September. All the other winners and trophies are detailed in the presentation list here. A new trophy for the winner of the county Lightweight Sport Rifle Open Competition, the Lane Cup, was won by Chobham’s Nicki Maskery.

Taking centre stage in the trophy display was the enormous Queen Alexandra Cup, on loan from the NSRA headquarters, as won by Surrey at the summer Bisley meeting. The recently delivered NSRA County Challenge Bowl, won by Surrey from Hampshire after a 5 year drought, was presented to new County rifle captain Lina Jones by John Menard.

The dinner wouldn’t have worked out without hard work from a number of committee members and special thanks go to organiser David Crispin, Paddy Hicks and Gill Goodfellow.


Presentation list 2011


Astord Tankard                                                      Bookham

John Cook Trophy (Leslie Williams)                        Leathehead

John Cook Cup                                                      CP Gordon                          Leatherhead

Kath Turner                                                            Paula Luke

L Williams Junior                                                     J Cooper                             Surbiton        

 200y metric Individual                                            Mick Mercer                       32/61st

 200y metric Team                                                  32/61st SHG

Wallis Chl Trophy (S)(J)                                         A Chase                              Lingfield

ER Wallis Cup (W)(J)                                             Miss Leong-Cheng               Surbiton

Petrina Ball (s) (J)                                                   J Cooper                             Surbiton

Petrina Ball (W0 (J)                                                J Cooper                             Surbiton

Peter Kemp Cup (J) (S/R Championship)                S Fomin                               Farncombe

Jubilee Cup (L) (S)                                                 K Harding                            Bookham      

Menard Trophy (L) (W)                                          Mrs V Collishe                     Witan

Lord Mancroft                                                        Surbiton Juniors

Hawkins Trophy                                                     G Burgess                             Lingfield

Lord Sudley                                                            W Brown                             Chobham

Sir Alan Bourne                                                      Mrs SJ Postlethwaite            Addiscombe

Nat Service Cup                                                     Mike Batty                            Farncombe

The Lane Cup  LSR  Open                                      Mrs N Maskery                   Chobham

Open Meeting

John Hunter Silver Bowl                                          Tim Hammond                     Bookham

EH Mallet Trophy (Pairs)                                        K Murray  T Hammond  Bookham

Keswick Trophy  Team                                           Bookham

H & P Shield                                                          Bookham

Stoneham C/Trophy                                                Bookham

Poltimore (J)                                                           Miss A Peace                      Surbiton

Alex Baptie Goblet                                                  J Cooper                             Surbiton

Worplesdon Cup                                                    J Cooper                             Surbiton

WV Knight Cup (Vets)                                           WG Doe                              Worplesdon

Tangley Place                                                          Lina Jones                            Chobham

Bell Trophy                                                             G Long                                Surbiton

Salisbury Trophy                                                     P Francis                             Carshalton

The Joliffe Cup  100y Any Sights                             S Postlethwaite                    Addiscombe

Chilworth Trophy                                                    Mrs P Luke                         Surbiton

NSRA Silver Medal                                                Mrs P Luke                         Surbiton

Col Mitchell Trophy & Badge                                 A Wilshire                            Croydon

VH Gilbert Trophy                                                  A Wilshire                            Croydon