2023 Leslie Williams

It was a little drab to start with but the weather picked up and brought with a changing wind and the dreaded Mirage, there appeared to be some boil on the butts which made for a tricky shoot for all.

There were 6 teams in the morning and four in the afternoon.

There would have been more but one team pulled out during the run up last week and several individuals couldn’t make on the day due to traffic issues.

Results can be found here.

I take this opportunity to thank Nigel Grapes for RCO’ing and to Jonathon Purchase for scoring duties and reorganising the squadding on the hoof.

Please put next year’s date in your diary: Sunday 12th May 2024. If this competition is to continue then we need more participants. Lingfield and Nikki had the picnic tables out with a veritable smorgasbord of delish food.

Please tell everyone that you had a great time and encourage your club members to come along for a truly great day. The respect shown by the fullbore F class shooters was amazing when they discovered we were using .22 rim fire.

(Web manager’s note: as a newcomer to this competition I can vouch for what Ian has written above – it really was a great day, excellent experience and good company. Quite apart from the novelty of shooting at 200yds, getting used to the target disappearing after each shot for marking made it a tougher comp than I had expected.

And we comprehensively outshot those F class guys…)