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Roving Trophy principles

  • The Holders of the Roving Trophy may challenge, or be challenged by, any Club affiliated to the Association. The object of these competitions is to encourage shoulder-to-shoulder matches between Clubs within the County. These suggestions, therefore, are primarily for guidance for the format of such competitions, but any reasonable competition agreed mutually between the Holders and the Challengers will be acceptable.

  • At all times the principle of fair play and mutual consent should be the over-riding considerations. Match conditions, courses of fire and other decisions should be agreed in advance by the opposing Clubs, so that there are no ‘surprises’ on the day of the competition.

  • The name of the Club holding each trophy will be displayed on the Association’s website. Challenges should be made to the appropriate Discipline Captain who will put the challenger in contact with the appropriate person in order to arrange the match. After each match the 'home’ team is responsible for sending a copy of the results to the Discipline Captain and also, if the trophy changes hands, obtaining a receipt for the trophy from the new holders. Both results and receipt should be forwarded to the Discipline Captain within 7 days.

  • Matches may be fired on either clubs' range by mutual agreement.

  • The challenging team should decide on the type of competition to be shot. (This advantage is to encourage weaker teams to enter by giving them the option to shoot a competition more suited to their needs and not that of the holders, thus promoting the intended Roving nature of this competition).

  • The venue of the competition should be decided by mutual consent and availability of the ranges and other facilities. If there are difficulties in deciding the venue then the challenging team will determine where the competition is to be held.


Competition Guidelines

  • Teams should consist of a minimum of four members shooting two cards each, at the standard distance for the type of competition.

  • Competitions may be fired under ‘name your own start’, ‘highest score wins’, or ‘McCrea handicap’ conditions. If ‘own start’ or ‘McCrea’, each team members ‘base start' must be declared to the opposing team captain before shooting commences, and the 'base start' will be applied to each card fired.

  • NSRA scoring rules will apply to ‘name your own start’ competitions, i.e. each shot fired must have a score value, all ‘misses’ will be discounted, and each shooter will continue firing until there are 10 scoring shots on each card.

  • In the event of a tie, each team captain should nominate one team member to fire a further card or series of shots under the same conditions. If still a tie, then the holders will retain the trophy.

  • Once a challenge has been made this must be accepted, and the match arranged, within four weeks otherwise the holders will lose by default.

Current Holders

Rifle - Chobham & District

Two challenges issued

  1. Farncombe & Godalming

  2. Bookham

Awaiting arrangement of matches

Pistol – Bookham

LSR - Bookham

Recently won the trophy from Catertham


Without detriment to the above guidelines, the following courses of fire are suggested:


Competition 25 — Roving Trophy Lightweight Sport Rifle Team.

  1. Each team member should fire 4 series of 5 shots

  2. If shooting at 20 yards, PL14/06 targets should be used

  3. If shooting at 25 metres, PL19 (old SPA1) targets should be used


Competition 26 — Roving Trophy Rifle Team.

  1. If shooting at 15, 20 or 25 yards, each team member should fire 2 x 10 shot cards

  2. If shooting at 50yds or metres, each team member should fire 40 shots at 2 x 5-bull cards or whatever is in use at the particular range.

  3. If both 50 yds/metres and 100 yards are available, a Dewar course of 40 shots.


Competition 27 — Roving Trophy Air Pistol Team

  1. If shooting at 10m, then each team member should fire 20 shots at the appropriate number of Air 4 or equivalent ISSF cards

  2. If shooting at 20yds or 25m, then each team member should fire 20 deliberate shots in 4 x 5 shot series, or 2 x 10 shot series at the appropriate PL15 or PL7 targets.