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This gives details about the competition.


Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Sporter Air Rifle Meeting Incorporating the Surrey Confined Championships To be held on 23rd and 24th November 2019 at the Lord Roberts Centre - Bisley

This is a R & P ‘Nominated Meeting’ for ESSU and British Shooting selection purposes. You may enter up to two relays on Saturday and three relays on Sunday, but only your first one fired each day will be eligible for the daily Final. Surrey residents (Male and Female) who achieve the highest score in their first Final, (if shooting more than one), will become the “Surrey Air Rifle Champions” and “Surrey Air Pistol Champions” of 2019. If there are no Surrey residents in the relevant Final, the first Qualifying relay scores will apply. On the same basis, competitors who achieve the highest score in the Finals will be the “Open” Rifle and Pistol Champions. To accommodate entries on Sunday, each of the three relays will be mixed Rifle and Pistol, Male and Female. A 15% discount will apply to the total entry-fee if shooting in three or more relays but, as there are only 32 available 10m targets at the LRC, early entry is advisable to secure your firing-points. If there are no more firing-points available to accommodate your first choices, you will be entered on another relay or your entry-fee will be returned.

Finals will be held on Saturday immediately following the second Qualifying relay for each discipline (Pistol and Rifle). Men and Women Finals will take place concurrently. Finals on Sunday will follow the third Qualifying relay.

ISSF Rules. All competitions except Sporter Rifle will be conducted in accordance with current ISSF Rules, including Equipment Control which is not compulsory for those who have been issued with GBR EC cards.


The Entry Form can be downloaded here.
PDF version Entry Form can be downloaded here.
The Competition details can be downloaded  here.

Sporter Rifle. Sporter Rifle events will take place during this Meeting. These are 40-shot matches fired on paper targets. Saturdays competitions are Grand Prix Events and Sunday will be the Junior Championship with heats and a final. There is also a team of 3 competition to be shot on either day, teams to be nominated on the day prior to any shooting. Entries will be administrated separately and must be made through the Eventbrite portal by copying and pasting this link into a web browser:


Medals. Will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all competitions (proportionate to entries), and to the highest scoring Junior in each discipline, (Rifle and Pistol). Surrey trophies, (silverware), will be awarded at the Annual Dinner/Prize presentation which will take place on Saturday

Data protection notice. It is a condition of entry that your name and contact details, club and county designation, scores, senior or junior status, date of birth, gender and photograph may be obtained, processed and retained by SCSBRA for the legitimate purpose of the effective management and promotion of competitive sporting activity, including the publication of your name, class, score, club, and photograph in match reports and scoreboards on the SCSBRA and other relevant websites and social media platforms in accordance with the SCSBRA Privacy Notice at

Entry Fees. May be paid by cheque or via your bank (Faster Payments system). Bank transfers must include the reference stated on the Squadding Notice. All cheques must be made payable to: Surrey Country Small Bore Rifle Association and sent with a completed entry form to: Mrs L Jones, 75 St Johns Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6DZ - 07757 116745 E-mail: