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The Club started in 1907 to answer the call for more miniature rifle clubs in the country to train the population so "they may be better fitted to defend the Realm in times of peril".  We celebrated our 100th year in 2007 with a range or events and an exhibition in the local museum.  The club now has over 100 members and shoots .22 prone, LIght Sporting Rifle (LSR), pistol, air rifles and fullbore.

The Club has a 25 yard indoor range for 25 Yards prone, 20 Yards Light Sporting Rifle (LSR), 20 yards air pistol and 10M air pistol.  We also have a growing air rifle section shooting 20/25 yards standing/prone plus a 25 yard outside range for bench and HFT style targets.

We have a range of rifles and pistols for those who do not own their own.

Targets at different heights for standing or prone shots

Opening Hours

The club is open 7 days a week, including most bank holidays if the range officer thinks people will turn up!

The opening hours are:

Day Times Discipline
Monday 8-10pm Prone
Tuesday 8-10pm LSR & Prone
Wednesday 8-10pm LSR
Thursday 8-10pm LSR & Prone
Friday 8-10pm Air Pistol
Saturday 2-4pm Air Rifle Only
Sunday 11am-1pm LSR

Note: Air rifles can be used to shoot LSR on LSR days, but Saturday is Air rifle only shooting paper and 'reactive' targets such as tin cans, spinners, knockdowns or custom made targets.


The clubhouse was refurbished not long ago to provide a comfy area whilst waiting to shoot or sit and drink tea whilst others shoot.  On the walls are displayed photos from the clubs long history as well as recent AGMs/awards and club memorabilia.  There is a kitchen where members can make tea and coffee.

Club houseClub kitchen

firing is from the same pointClub lockers


As part of the recent range refurbishment we have made all firing from the same point, with targets placed at different distances.  The shelf can be folded up to allow kneeling shots to be taken. 

We have also recently added a set of lockers to allow members to keep their firearms at the club if they are unable to keep them at home.  This has enabled a number of members to obtain their FAC and own their own rifle.

Fullbore at Caterham

We also shoot fullbore at Bisley once a month.  Members can use club rifles if they don't have their own fullbore rifles.  There is also an annual trip to Wales to shoot steel targets at long ranges.


Each section has a range of competitions running throughout the year with impressive trophies presented at the AGM .  Our members are active in a number of external leagues and individual competitions, plus several members shoot for the county in LSR and air pistol.  We have several club instructors ensuring new and old members receive tuition as required.

As well as the annual AGM we always have a Christmas fun shoot (sometimes fighting through the snow) and summer parties with hand made burgers together with impromptu stews throughout the year.  The club prides itself on making all visitors welcome with an enjoyable and safe place to learn to shoot.


The cost of membership is just £40 per year for adults, £25 for under 21s and £15 for under 18s.  There is a green fee of £3 per visit (£1 under 18s) including all targets shot.  To apply for membership please contact the club using the website link below to arrange a visit to view the facilities and meet some of the members.

Link to Club website.