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The Invicta Shield

The Invicta Shield was presented in 1984 by Mrs Freda Pedder, a member of the Invicta Club Rifle Club and well known Bisley meeting scorer and Croydon League Secretary.

The shield is awarded to the highest scoring home counties team of 4 ladies from a shooting squad of 5, usually in a 60 shot match ‘through the ranges’; being 20 shots each at 25 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards, although exceptionally the course of fire has been 40 shots at 50 metres where 25 yards is impractical. It is competed for on the same day as the Marks Shield and can be shot concurrently by competitors who are also in a Marks Shield squad, if they elect to do so.

The shoot is usually the Sunday before the last May bank holiday weekend and will be hosted by Surrey in its centenary year in 2013.

The shield has been won by Surrey 25 times in its 29 year history.

The Invicta shield

1984    Surrey
1985    Middlesex
1986    Surrey
1987    Essex
1988    Essex
1989    Surrey
1990    Surrey
1991    Surrey
1992    Surrey
1993    Surrey
1994    Surrey
1995    Surrey
1996    Surrey
1997    Surrey

1998    Surrey
1999    Surrey
2000    Surrey
2001    Hertfordshire
2002    Surrey
2003    Surrey
2004    Surrey
2005    Surrey
2006    Surrey
2007    Surrey
2008    Surrey
2009    Surrey
2010    Surrey
2011    Surrey
2012    Surrey