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Covid-19 Update

Under the present government restrictions we are cancelling the Leslie Wiliams Competiton. We will review in June and see what the situation is with regard to coronavirus and then make a decision as to whether it may be possible to hold the Leslie Williams meeting in autumn.




The 2020 Leslie Williams competition will be held on Sunday 10th May 2020 on the Short Siberia range at Bisley, please find the entry form here.

There are a few things to note please:

1) The NRA now requires either that all shooters hold an NRA Shooter Certification Card (SCC) or, if they do not, are supervised on a one-to-one basis by someone who does. Could I please ask all clubs who are likely to put entries in for this year's competition to let me know BY THE END OF JANUARY whether they will need SCC holders to supervise their shooters. Could you please also let me know whether you have any SCC holders who may be able to assist with supervising if required. As far as I can see, as long as we have one person with an SCC for each target, we can provide the necessary level of supervision. I will have an SCC which means that at the most I will need supervision for four targets throughout the day. Again, please let me know BY THE END OF JANUARY if you are able to assist.

2) For the last 2 years I have booked all eight 200 yard targets for both morning and afternoon sessions and then 2 weeks before the date of the competition have cancelled three targets in the morning and four in the afternoon. The NRA last year said that they would not allow us to do this again, additionally for the last 2 years as we have not filled all the details for every target in those sessions we have not made sufficient money on the entry fees to cover the NRA charges. This year, therefore, I have booked only five targets for both morning and afternoon sessions which means that I will now have only 20 details available in each session so entries will be on a "First Come - First Served" basis, however this should not be a problem unless we have a surge in entries as for the last 2 years we have had 17 details filled in the morning and 16 in the afternoon. 

One last thing, due to work commitments I am finding it increasingly difficult to devote the time required to this competition and therefore would appreciate it if someone would volunteer to take over the running of the competition from next year.