LSR Queen Elizabeth Trophy and Shield 2019

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The Queen Elizabeth Trophy and Shield competitions shot at Carshalton Rifle Club on Saturday 28th September 2019 were very closely fought, with just one point dividing the top three teams and one point between the top two individual shooters.

All but one of the details were sold out, with five teams entered. The Carshalton Clubhouse was packed for most of the day.

The competitions are ‘Name your own Start’, designed to help level the playing field between experienced shooters and newcomers. It was good to see several newcomers and many Juniors taking part – and doing so well.

The winner of the Queen Elizabeth Trophy with a perfect score of 400 was Lukman Chowdhury of Caterham, who had driven from Birmingham to shoot the competition. Second was Sebastian Armitage, a Junior from Bookham, just one point behind in his first ever competition

Winners of the Queen Elizabeth Shield team event were Caterham’s Colin Campbell-Salmon, Lukman Chowdhury and Nathan Russell, just one point ahead of the Bookham A and B teams.

The trophies will be awarded at the Surrey Dinner at Bisley on Saturday 30th November.

Many thanks to scorer Nigel Milner, officials Gail Rees, Braff Knight-Simpson and Brian Edmunds, to Carshalton Rifle Club for hosting the event and to Target Shooting School for sponsorship of targets and range hire.

Full list of results here.