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Updated: 1st August 2021
Updated: 25th February 2021
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Updated: 1st August 2021

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The Competitions Handbook is available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat document by clicking the link below, and includes the General conditions of entry and rules for each of the postal leagues run by the Association.   This version contains all revisions to earlier documents and will therefore be definitive in the event of any query or dispute.  All revisions are listed below.  Earlier  copies may be amended manually.

 Amendments are as follows:

(December 2004)
General rule G.5.3.6 - Competition 24 averages to be submitted ex 200
Competition rule 13.1 -  Leslie Williams Competition now open to Clubs in the Home Counties affiliated to the HCCC

General rule G.16.2.3  - Renumber to read G.16.3
Competition rule 21.6 - Delete entire rule.  (The reference is incorrect, and is already covered by General rule G.16)
Competition rule 22.2 - Delete the parenthesis, (PL8 centres),.

(May 2006)
General rule G.2.3 - Junior age limits defined
General rule G.5 - Entire section amended to clarify submission of averages for league competitions
General rule G.9.2 added - Closing dates for Summer and Winter league entries

(October 2007)
General rule G16.1 and G 16.2.1 - change to Match points awarded for certain competitions
Competition 20 - changed from 20yds/25m to 10m ISSF course of fire

(January 2010)
Leslie Williams Competition.  Competition Rules amended and clarified
Competition rule 6.6 (Rifle Junior Individual league) - Clarification of free-entry voucher to NSRA Rifle Meeting.

(August 2010)
Revision and re-numbering of competitions.
Suggested Rules and courses of fire for Roving Trophy competitions, now including LSR

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